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WC-Co nano composite powder of NANOTECH are designed for a hard metal applications that require highter levels of hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness.
NC(NANOTECH Composite Powder) series can improve the properties of your hard metal applications.
Grade Particle Size(㎛) Co Content(wt%) Total Carbon(wt%) Scott Density(g/cm3)
NC6 <0.2 6 5.85~5.95 ≤1.95
NC8 8 5.75~5.85 ≤1.80
NC9 9 5.72~5.82 ≤1.70
NC10 10 5.65~5.75 ≤1.65
NC12 12 5.55~5.65 ≤1.50
Co WC+ Dopant Al Ca Cu Fe K
6~15wt% 85~94wt% 20ppm 10ppm 40ppm 5ppm <1
Mg Mn Mo Ni Na Pb S
4ppm 4ppm <10 80ppm 7ppm 2ppm 40ppm
※ Other grades and dimensions are available on request.
  - RTP (Ready to Press) Powder
  - Extrusion Powder
  - Powder for thermal spray
- Standard packing : 25kg metal drums containing double layered polyethylene bag sealed
under inert gas(N2)
  - Consult us for drum size available and packing method