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Title Grade FSSS(㎛) Apparent Density
Tap Density
NACO-EF Extrafine 1.0~1.5 1.0~1.4 1.6~2.2 4~8
NACO-UF Ultrafine 0.5~1.0 0.5~0.9 1.0~1.6 2~4
Co O C S Ni Fe
>99.85wt% <0.50wt% <0.05wt% <50ppm <80ppm <50ppm
Mn Ca Si Mg Pb Zn
<50ppm <40ppm <50ppm <20ppm <20ppm <5ppm
- Co analysis : Oxygen content not included
※ Other grades and dimensions are available on request.
  - Cemented carbides
  - Diamond tools
  - Battery materials
  - Magnetic materials
- Standard packing : 25kg metal drums containing double layered polyethylene bag sealed
under inert gas(N2)
  - Consult us for drum size available and packing method